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A Sci-fi Poem set in space.

Published by The Stygian Lepus Magazine in issue 6. Free for a short time, when issue 7 comes out then issue 6 will move behind a paywall

Soul Ink Vol 1.jpeg
Soul Ink Vol 1

Includes twelve poems;

  • Beautiful Stranger

  • Beautiful Things

  • Boy Left Behind

  • Crayon Moon

  • Edges

  • Her

  • I hope he knows

  • The taste of impossible

  • Things I’ve been feeling lately

  • You are not nothing

  • If you love me

  • Passionately from afar

Published by Dragon Soul Press. 

Organic Ink Vol 2

Includes three poems;

  • Rest

  • There is a Secret I Must Tell You

  • Words Whispered

First published by Dragon Soul Press. 

Black Planets Science Fiction Book Cover.jpg
The Mortality of Men

A poem of love and loss


A post-apocalyptic poem in a world where humans are the thing to fear

First published by Scar Publications in Down in the Dirt Volume 164 then again in The Flickering Light (a collection of 2019 January to June issues)

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