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Short Stories

Not Yet

I was standing in aisle 3 trying to decide between two brands of coffee when my phone rang. I didn’t even think when I answered, I was running on three hours of sleep after procrastinating my marketing report until the last minute. 

My mother’s daughter, I guess.

“Hey Dad.” I said balancing my phone on my shoulder as I compared two different boxes. It was one of those un-monumental days that would fade into the background and be forgotten. It was supposed to be anyway. 

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The Devil is in the Detail

"Hey, grandma, I know that you only just left but I was hoping you could maybe come back. I kind of accidentally summoned a demon and I can’t get rid of him.” She paused before adding, “Call me when you get this.”

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Summer and the Deal

Summer has always wanted a better life. To be more precise she's always wanted her best friend's life and she goes to great lengths to get it. But soon she'll discover to be careful what you wish for.


The Stranger

Jeremy has one rule, don't trust anyone. A rule that his roommate, Elton, is willing to throw out the window for any pretty girl.
But what have they got to lose apart from everything? 


Break Away

"We're free.”
“Until they catch us.” She sighed ditching the hooded robe, it was too hot in the ship to be wearing it. 
“They won’t catch us.” He gestured to the door with a small glass port hole. He bunkered down at a small computer typing in lines of code.
Artemis walked over to the door and gasped. “You can’t be serious. Stealing an escape pod.”


The Beast In The Basement

Corenax’s horns bumped the glass as he tried to readjust himself in the tank. His back was hunched over and angled to fit his bent wings above him, he could only move a few inches. The respirator clicked, the only thing keeping him from drowning. He ran a claw across the respirator tube, mulling over tugging on it. The human would come running, either to save his life or watch him die. 

The basement flooded with light. He blinked through the blue green water at the open door. It was a small human. 

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Only Living Things Breathe

Eve took a few moments before she entered the bar. She would have taken some deep breaths if she had lungs.

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The Fate of the Simulator Pilot

Peta is the best simulator pilot back on earth. So she jumps at the chance to travel on a real space jumper 780 and can't help but sneak a look at the cockpit. What happens next she could never predict.


Supply Run

Axel is told that he not only has to take the new girl on his supply run but he could also learn a little from her. But what does she know, he's the best of the best. Or at least that's how he sees it.



A blind date gone wrong.

Winner of writing champions project competition.

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