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Storming Area 51 Flash Fiction

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

News Feed

They were calling it the Swarm now. The thriving mass of aliens that I could see on live footage. I watched as they poured out and destroyed the crowd, practically devouring them. I was practically glued to the screen.

A voice broke over the footage. “It seems some of the Swarm has managed to get near our news crew. But don’t worry, they have military personnel there to protect them.” The camera shook violently, followed by a scream, and the screen went dark.

Suddenly no one could see what was happening with the Swarm and the world broke into chaos.


Everyone was running. The aggressive shouting had turned to screams. Somewhere behind me there was the distinct sound of bones cracking and flesh ripping.

The person beside me was knocked to the ground by something. I choked down a scream and kept moving, I couldn’t afford to stop. I made it back to my friend’s house who I’d been staying with. I glanced out the window at those things one last time before I raced down into the bunker. Thank god my friend was paranoid. I pulled the door shut behind me, praying the world would survive what we unleashed.

First published by Black Hare Press

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